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Dear Albert


DATE: 23/12/2015

We had our speech day on 22 November and thank the Lord that everything went on smoothly. True that I was very careful in spending the money simply because the fees payment to cater for the smooth

running of the school has not been good but what helped was at the beginning I bought food in bulky so feeding has became easy for that reason.

So the challenge for this term has been the teachers’ salaries .Have managed to payoff two terms but this is a result of delays and failure to pay on the side of the parents and they attribute this to

limited funds which are even not easy to get.

Some children have studied and not paid at all and some dropped out towards the end of the term. We shall break off from school tomorrow and we shall start next 22 nd February 2016 after election.

It is going to be along holiday but I pray that parents at least pay some money such that teachers go with some money in this long holiday. But    I am very uncertain since they studied for long time

some with big debts and some no payment done.

The Function went well the parents were happy with their children.

In my speech I presented to them the program of feeding the children in my school and they were all happy. And I also informed them that this project shall still go on even next year.
On this matter I bring their appreciation to Mr. Doherty Albert from Donegal who initiated the meal project and may the Lord reward him greatly.
Since the school mission is to provide education to all irrespective of the family back ground the director has succeeded in this case because many school going children have been able to join school

and this is done by sitting down with the guardians or parents concern to see at least a child is able to study. But all in all we thank the Almighty who has brought us this far and the school shall

still render  good service to the community.

There are some times that i fail to get the words to express my appreciation but am very greteful, because you have today relieved us by sending us the money to pay our teachers. May god bless you and i

am very grateful too. WISH YOU THEBEST God bless you

From Dorothy